7 FREE CUSTOM FIXIE BIKES FOR 7 WEEKS! (Leading Up To Christmas)

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Always wanted to ride a fixie? Christmas is coming soon and to spread holiday cheer, we're giving away 1 bike a week leading up to Christmas!

Stylish. Simple. Fashionable. The Cell Custom Fixie gives you a million ways to express yourself on two wheels, with a look that's created for you, by you.


To Enter:

  1. Choose your colours here
  2. Take a screenshot
  3. Share on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest with #cellcustomfixie
  4. Sign up below

For your chance to win, enter below and the winner will be announced on our blog at 5pm Monday 22 December.

Previous Winners:

  • Week 1: Paul Mumford
  • Week 2: Gregg Fyffe
  • Week 3: Daniel Julian
  • Week 4: Elijah Barnes
  • Week 5: Gnomie Brooks
  • Week 6: B_RADGEORGE
win a custom fixie

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